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Problem navigating to labels and scrolling

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Hi all,


I have created a timeline with some labels, when I created a nav links that when the link clicked, it will scroll to the selected label. I tried using tweenTo, which it's able to go to the selected label, but when i tried to scroll from the current position, it goes back to beginning, and not continue from the current position, is there a way to resolve this? The goal is, when i click on a link, the animate will scroll down/up to the selected label, then when I continue scrolling manually, it will continue from the current position, btw, I'm using GSAP 3, I tried to look search in docs and google for solution, but i cannot find any solution for it, i'm having problem interpreting the duration on the selected label with the scroll position.




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Welcome to the forums, @berniewids


Unfortunately it's super difficult to troubleshoot blind - can you please provide a minimal demo? I wonder if you embedded your scrollTo tweens inside the timeline, thus they record the starting/ending values (as they should). If you want it to be more dynamic so that it animates from wherever it happens to be at that moment, just create a new tween each time (outside the timeline). 


Happy tweening!

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