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jakob zabala

carousel resize issue

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I have been experimenting and going through all the previous forum question on the 'carousel code pen' you guys and gals have provide. 


I am simply trying to resize the boxes to roughly 100 px or 200 px and make the entire wrapper like 3000px long. That way resizing the browser wont effect the carousel. 


This is fairly simple but I just couldn't get it to work when changing the value, I guess i don't fully understand how  the modifier plug in works. I would really appreciate the help!

See the Pen ZELLyYQ by jaykobz (@jaykobz) on CodePen

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Hey @jakob zabala,


Here the 'seamless loop' is structured somewhat differently with the corresponding variables.


See the Pen abmPjxz by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Is that helpful?


Happy tweening ...



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Yes, this helped me. This is variation makes manipulating values work! thanks!!

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