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TypeScript: extend GSAP classes with custom methods and add typings

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I feel that it would be very handy, if I can extend the prototype of gsap.core.Timeline, and add TypeScript typings for these extension methods.

For example, this way I can add typing for the "effects" (with extendTimeline = true).
Or, like the "deepKill" method that was suggested by @Greensock.


Here's what I'm trying to do:



Are there any proper way? That "deepKill" call on the left should be "yellow" if it is caught by TS typing system.


Thank you!

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It's very easy to extend. Just create a typings file, like typings.d.ts, and then add whatever. For example, an effect might look like this.


declare namespace gsap.core {

  interface Timeline {

    // Effect
    explode(target: TweenValue, config?: object): this;


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Hi @OSUblake !


My thanks for quick response. Actually, I was very close, I just split declaration and addition of a method to prototype into different files, and it works fine.

So it should look something like this (perhaps for those who find this topic).


//some index.ts

/// <reference path="./utils/extensions/gsap.d.ts"/>
import "./utils/extensions/gsap.extensions";

declare namespace gsap.core {
  export interface Timeline {
    deepKill(): void;

import { gsap } from "gsap";

gsap.core.Timeline.prototype.deepKill = function () {
  this.getChildren(true, true, true).forEach((animation) => animation.kill());




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