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Push npm auth token to private repro - license question

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Hi there,


I am new to the greensock membership family and just want to get sure, that storing my .npmrc auth token in a privat repro is allowed or are there other ways you are preferring? The app gets deployed with buddy in a docker container, so the container needs access to download the bonus plugins, which come with the membership. As I said the repro is and will remain private, so theoretically the auth token should not leak into public. Is it that way allowed?


All the best!

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Sure, it's totally fine to have the token in your private repo. Just please make sure that you've got the appropriate coverage for the number of developers who are working with GreenSock technology via that repo. In other words, if you have a one-developer license and you put that token in the private repo that then 8 other developers use to gain access to the bonus plugins, that wouldn't be cool :)


But yeah, thanks for asking about this. It shows that you're exactly the type of person we love serving. 👍

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Hi Jack, thanks for the reply. Exactly the reason why I've asked. Want to honor the effort you put in serving those plugins. I am the only one who is working on the repro. If in some circumstances this is going to change and somebody else will gain access to that repro, I am going to regenerate the token, so the token in the repro will be invalid. Thanks for your confirmation and your work on gsap 🙂

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