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Im trying to make the images dissapear, by having them on negative yPos and the transitioning them on hover back on the screen.

mainly with

section.addEventListener('mouseenter', createHoverReveal);

section.addEventListener('mouseleave', createHoverReveal);



Is there something missing in my code? 


See the Pen bGgeGZY by faridguzman91 (@faridguzman91) on CodePen

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I noticed several things:

  • You're not loading GSAP
  • You're not calling your init() function, so none of your code is running
  • You never define the "sections" variable/Array
  • You've got JS errors, like calling functions that don't exist (getTextHeight(), updateBodyColor())

Once you fix those things, if you still need help feel free to post again. Good luck!

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