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Mouse Hover Image Reveal + Background Color Change

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Hi, guys! I'm relatively new to the GSAP world and this is my first post over here.


I'm trying to make something that I feel it's super simple, it would be an effect similar to https://www.marvinschwaibold.com/projects/'s hover effect (image reveal, following the mouse position, background color change) + the transition to its internal page (I'm assuming it involves barba.js, right?)


Any tips will be much appreciated!


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Hi @mrntld


Welcome to the forum.


We have several threads about follow by mouse. Here's a good one.


The background color change should be fairly straightforward. If you're just getting started with GSAP, this is the pace to begin.


I'm not sure if they're using barba.js, but that's probably a good guess. Our very own @Ihatetomatoes has a bunch of videos on that topic.

If you have any GSAP specific questions as you work on your project, we're happy to help. A demo will give you the best chance at a detailed answer. More info about that.


Happy tweening and welcome aboard.



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Hey @mrntld - welcome to the forums.


There's an article on codrops that explains how to achieve a pretty similar hover-effect to that one on the page you linked to - using GSAP - and it's actually even inspired by that page you linked to.


This is the demo of that article:




Hope this helps.


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