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Daniel Hult

Infinite slideshow animation

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Hey guys,

This is a long shot - but I've found some threads in these forums that have helped me before, so Im trying again!

Im trying to do a simple animation like the one in the video, but in an endless loop. The top element fades out, and a new one fades in at the bottom. I also need to place the top element last in the array of elements after it's faded out, so it will be an endless loop.

Have you ever answered/seen something like this in the forum? Or if anybody would kindly guide me in the right direction, it would be highly appreciated. I can get it to kind of work, but I get a sudden jump when Im appending the element, so I've been stuck for a while trying to figure out the best solution.


See the Pen KKNjbRJ by daniel-hult (@daniel-hult) on CodePen

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Looks like you'd need to clone the top element and place it at the bottom of the stack since they are both on screen at the same time. There have been a few infinite slider threads around here. Maybe this one can give you some ideas.

If not, I'd recommend a quick forum search of infinite sliders or galleries and you should find some good info.


Happy tweening.




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