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Need ScrollTrigger help with simple a Timeline

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Hello dear developers,
I can't get any further with a timeline with a loop. Which is why I would like to hire someone to finish the code.


The Problem:

See the Pen dyOBOXd by unbekannter (@unbekannter) on CodePen

I would like the timeline to start with the fade-in of the comments only when Section 3 is complete.

Furthermore, the comments should be placed around the headline of Section 3. Currently I use "position: absolute;" for this, then fade the comments but not in the correct order. I've tried other options like transform, margin, but they all change the flow.


Your mission
Adjust the forEach loop and timeline to make it work. It is important that the comments in Section 3 have a vacant position.


Write me a PM if you are interested.


Greats Chris

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For reference this was asked about (and hints given) in the GSAP forum:


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