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Animation delay for scrolltrigger that ends in the same place.

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Hi, I would like to make an animation with a scrolltrigger. I have a ball that changes its position when I scroll. There is also a second ball below it. I would like the lower ball to move a bit later when scrolling, but when I stop scrolling, even in the middle of the animation, the ball returned to that ball. Is it feasible with a scrolltrigger or should I write it in js?

Screenshot 2021-03-15 183323.png

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This depends entirely on your setup.... A codepen demo would be very helpful for this:

But if you are positioning the ball via a scrubbed ScrollTrigger tween, you could do something like scrub: 1, instead of scrub: true, on the delayed ball.

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Thank you for your answer. I came up with the solution when you wrote about scrub. Before I tried to put the animation on one timeline, when I created two I assigned a different scrub and everything works.

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