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ScrollTrigger in Timeline does it work?

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Hi Community,


iam new in GreenSock GSAP and my question is maybe fixed in few seconds.

I have a timeline, so that every animations starts with the end of the previous, this all works perfectly.


Now i want to give the class .services a scrolltrigger so that the animation start when the element is in the viewport - i implemented in the timeline, but i dont know if this is correct or how i can do this. 


All approaches are welcome - if you can tell me whats the best solution for that, it would be great.


Thanks in forward





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Hey martinmailaender and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Including a ScrollTrigger on a tween inside of a timeline doesn't make much logical sense as both the ScrollTrigger and the timeline would try to control the state of the tween. Doing so is one of the most common ScrollTrigger mistakes. The article also covers your options of how to fix this (and many other common issues). See also the most common GSAP mistakes article because you're making one of them as well.

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