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Magnetic button in better format

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I am asking for your help because I found this codepen on the internet.

The code works but I would like to know if there is another method using jQuery and Gsap (not TweenMax).


PS: I only want the effect on the text with the mouse


Thank you for your help.


Best regards

See the Pen bxmLYm by riogrande (@riogrande) on CodePen

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Hey ALTIMAX. It's easy to convert that demo to GSAP 3 — just follow the GSAP 3 migration guide :) No need for jQuery.

Happy tweening.

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Hey Zach !

Thank you for your answer, it's ok to convert to Gsap3 but can the code be optimised with gsap only (no js math)?


Best regards Zach

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We don't really have the capacity to do code optimization for every person who posts in these forums.


Glancing at the code I'd try to avoid creating functions inside of a loop if possible. I bet you could avoid having to get the BoundingClientRect every mouse move event. You should also make sure to overwrite the previous animations in GSAP 3.


There's really not that many calculations going on - GSAP can't remove the need to avoid calculations in every case. 

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