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How to utilize momentum/inertia in page scrolling?

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I am quite new to GSAP and I heard a lot of good words regarding its capabilities. I am working on a website where I want to implement momentum-based scrolling as observed in the following websites:


I spent a day learning basics of GSAP, read some posts on the forum, and did a few Google searches. I stumbled across a similar post, hinting the use of ScrollTrigger plugin. However, I was not able to exactly figure out how to achieve the same effect. Could someone guide me about creating such a scroll experience? (React-oriented solution would be highly appreciated, but VanillaJS-based solutions would also work)

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey dmahajan980 and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


ScrollTrigger is definitely the tool to use. I highly recommend reading the docs (and watching the video included) as well as looking through some of the demos. To get some of the same smoothness you'll also need to use a smooth scrolling library along with ScrollTrigger via .scrollerProxy().


If you have a specific question about how to use GSAP/ScrollTrigger feel free to post along with a minimal demo of the situation and we'll be happy to help.

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