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Patrick Rijkee

Width and height check in ScrollTrigger.matchMedia()

Go to solution Solved by tailbreezy,

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Hello everyone,


I have an animation that needs to display only above 992px width and 700px height.

however it seems i cant add more than one condition to matchMedia.


What is the (proper) way to do this?


(I hope you dont mind i used your matchMedia demo as a starting point for my codepen)



Patrick Rijkee

See the Pen MWbBLYW by parpar78 (@parpar78) on CodePen

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  • Solution



It uses the css @media syntax:


	"(min-width: 800px) and (min-height: 800px)": function() {}


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This is strange, in my sass i have to use comma.

because "and" seems to split the media query to be 2 separate queries. but perhaps this is Sass specific.


thanks for the help. this seems to work in GSAP.

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