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Morphing SVG Plugin

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I'm trying to figure out why my svg morph is going off the screen, I've tried messing with the translate and the viewbox but nothing seems to work. Any ideas how to get svg's to morph in the center?

See the Pen oNYJxOB?editors=0010 by Wisemen221 (@Wisemen221) on CodePen

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Hi @Jakebogan :)


Welcome and thanks for being a Club member.


That morph is behaving as I'd expect. You have some funky transforms on the group and a little bit of an odd viewBox size. Here's a fork of your pen showing the circle target and where it resides. I've outlined the SVG with red so you can see it better.


See the Pen 01b4f32f5e6659d58d0d961600889795 by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


The secret to SVG vector prep is using a background rectangle the same size as your project. I have a whole post about that here.



Hopefully that helps. Happy morphing.



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Okay awesome, thanks for the advice and resources. I got it to work now!


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