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Retina/High DPI images in standard adwords ad

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I've been recently building ads in animate. I used to hand code for doubleclick but im finding myself building more and more standard (adwords) ads and the amount of time I save building in animate has been too great. I am running into one issue.  Retina images.


A client is complaining about the resolution of the product shot. I used to be able to fix this by using 2x images. But I dont know if this can be done in Animate. Also does google adwords even support high DPI images?

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Yes, 2x images work in Animate for achieving clarity on high-density screens. Place large images in your Animate file, scale them down in Animate, and use more compression to come out with roughly the same file size. 

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+1 on Geedix's note.

Also, another trick when doing geedix's method, which I run into often:
Sometimes when you scale a 2x image down in Adobe Animate to 50%, sometimes the sharp edges within the image content itself will get slightly softened / antialiased – which isn't intended at times. First, set the image within whatever container it is in (if it's in one) to have whole number X/Y positions (x:0, y:0 ... not x:0.3, y:0.95). Same with the container. Then re-export and check if the edges are softened on portions of the image that aren't supposed to be softened. The trick to getting it to have sharp edges again is to either shift on the half-pixel (0.5) or whole pixel on X or Y which will make the edges nice and crisp.

Also also:
GSAP in Animate is great, if you aren't already using it in there! 


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