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GreenSock is hiring!

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We're looking for an independent front-end developer and creative technologist who loves animation and helping people. A great fit for this role would be someone who is:

  • Independent – This role has a lot of independence. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with being given an idea and running with it. When they see something that needs improvement, they take initiative and either tackle it themselves or delegate it to the appropriate person.
  • A community builder – A major part of this role is investing into the GSAP and animation community both in the GSAP forums and beyond.
  • Responsible – With so much flexibility, this role requires someone who is reliable and able to hold themselves accountable as well as keep track of and prioritize tasks. This is not a job for someone who needs to be told each day what to work on.
  • Entrepreneurial – GreenSock is a small company and the person in this role can help shape the direction of the company and its products. We’re looking for a sharp go-getter.



  • Answer questions and facilitate these forums alongside the current moderators. Basically the "Chief Moderator" assisting the community.
  • Generate and implement ideas to help people use GSAP more effectively. Tutorials, demos, videos, etc.
  • Maintain the GreenSock website (content and the front-end code).
  • Manage GreenSock's social media presence (Twitter, CodePen, Facebook). Help spread the word.
  • Generate and implement ideas that make GreenSock more profitable and useful to the developer community.


Required skills

  • A solid understanding of the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG
  • Experience with GSAP
  • Debugging skills, especially JavaScript
  • Some experience working with git, modules, and front-end frameworks



  • Expert-level experience in animating various web technologies (WebGL, SVG, Canvas, CSS, and libraries/frameworks)
  • A good sense of visual design
  • A good sense of motion design
  • Experience teaching others
  • Experience building communities
  • Experience creating videos
  • React experience
  • Back-end experience, especially InVision Power Systems (IPS) experience



  • Flexible hours
  • Work 100% remotely


Email us your resume along with links to the animations you're most proud of working on. Or you can send me a direct message via the forums. 

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From experience with other US-based companies, for the people who are not US residents, could you clarify if this position is open to one anywhere in the world?

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5 hours ago, Dipscom said:

could you clarify if this position is open to one anywhere in the world?

Yes, it is open to non-US citizens.

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