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I would like to prevent the user dropping a dragged item onto other elements on the stage ( ie the item must be dropped on "empty" space).

Is there an easy way to do this when using TransformManager ?




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Nope, sorry, that would require customizations. You could, of course, listen for the FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE event and just force it to the closest "acceptable" position when they drop the object. But forcing it to ignore the MOUSE_UP and act as though it continues to drag it even though the user's interactions indicated they wanted to drop it would require more complicated customizations. Frankly (and you didn't ask my opinion, so feel free to ignore it), I think it'd be confusing as a user to drag an object, let go of the mouse, and have it ignore my request and continue to keep the object attached to my mouse. It'd also make it more challenging to know when the user wants to drop it again if their mouse is already up - how would they indicate they want to re-drop it other than clicking again and letting go?

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Hi Jack


I didn't ask for your opinon. But I think everyone would agree that it is always welcome !


I agree with what you say. I am going to have to think of something else :)





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