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Is there a section where you can share projects or experiments made with gsap?

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Hello there,


the title is the question and I mean into the forum. I don't know if it exists but i think would be help us.

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There are many topics that have such content, but I would also appreciate a pinned section with works/experiments.

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Hey Sanprieto. Good question.


We pretty much use CodePen for this, including collections for specific plugins and by hearting pens that use GSAP. We also regularly post inspirational sites and demos on our Twitter account. We'd love it if you (and others) shared more demos with us via Twitter!


For more full sites, our curated showcase & showreel is available.


I don't think a forum post is a great format for it because it'd be hard to navigate to find relevant demos. 

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Hello Zach,

Ok perfect.I use codepen too.
Then I will mention you in twitter for this.

Recently I public a tweet with the hashtag #gsap linked to a codepen with full code but It's possible you didn't see. I used a few advices that you and people of the forum gave me and I thought could be interesting to share the code.



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We often check #gsap, but tagging @GreenSock on Twitter is an even more sure way of making sure we see it :) 

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