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Kiefer Slaton

Full-width carousel wrap breaks on resize

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Hey all, I've been beating my head on the wall with this for a while. I have an image carousel on my website that I've mocked up in this codepen. I essentially copied the carousel wrap example from the docs but changed the x positions to reference window.innerwidth. However, when I resize the window, the positions get all messed up and I can't figure out how to make them re-adjust on resize. Any advice? Thanks!

See the Pen NWbaJMq by kslaton (@kslaton) on CodePen

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var colors = ["#f38630","#6fb936", "#ccc", "#6fb936"];

//initially colorize each box and position in a row

function setup() {

gsap.set(".box", {
  backgroundColor: (i) => colors[i % colors.length],
  x: (i) => i * window.innerWidth / 4

gsap.to(".box", {
  duration: 40,
  ease: "none",
  x: `+=${2 * window.innerWidth}`, //move each box 500px to right
  modifiers: {
    x: gsap.utils.unitize(x => parseFloat(x) % (2 * window.innerWidth)) //force x value to be between 0 and 500 using modulus
  repeat: -1


window.addEventListener('resize',  setup)


Have you tried to kill off the tweens of ".box" before rebuilding.

Apart from the obvious full rebuild.


Maybe also set the duration to more flexible value, so as to keep the relative speed when sizing down.

For example, this code speeds it up when resizing down.


duration: innerWidth / 30,


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