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Loading error and backup

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I have an alternate URL in case the image path I am supplying to the loader is invalid, however I am unsure how to detect it onChildOpen before it throws the error and use replaceURL to provide the backup path.


So basically the error is detected using this.

		imagesQueue = new LoaderMax({name: imagesQueue, requireWithRoot: this.root,
										onChildOpen: initHandler,
										onIOError: IOErrorHandler,
										onChildComplete: childCompleteHandler,
										autoDispose: true});

		imagesQueue.append(new ImageLoader(imagePath, {name: nodes.title, container: imageHolder}));

		function IOErrorHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void
			trace("error occured with " + event.target + ": " + event.text);


basically I'd like the IOErrorHandler to say, well If this URL stream is not valid and an image isn't found in here then try this other one.

				if (image != null)
					imagePath = String(nodes.collectionImageResizePath);
					imagePath = String(nodes.collectionImagePath);


So if the path I tried doesn't find an image then try the alternate path... I looked over at the skipFailed vars and set it to false, and I don't know how to supply an alternate.


Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.


All the best



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I have good news for you: I just posted an update (v1.11) that introduces a new "alternateURL" special property in all LoaderItems so it should be SUPER simple to do what you're talking about. Like this:


var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("image.jpg", {alternateURL:"http://otherserver.com/image.jpg"});


It will first try to load from image.jpg, then if it fails, it will change the url to the alternateURL and try once more.



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Cool ;Jack! I just wish I was half as clever as you are! Thanks much!

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  • 1 month later...

I can't seem to get the alternateURL working from within a SWFLoader XML node:



Should this line work?

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Yeah, are you using the latest version of everything? alternateURL was introduced after the initial launch.


You did activate() SWFLoader, right?


If you're still having trouble, can you post an FLA that we can publish and clearly see the problem? (the simpler the better)

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