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Sin movement with GSAP

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Hello there,


I tried to reply the smooth movement of the yellow ball with GSAP when it's up and down. I'm sure there is one way to get this. I get something but It isn't a good result, the green ball make rough change when finish.  I made an example in codepen to understand it better.


Anybody can help me please?


Thanks !!!



See the Pen VwmWJyJ?editors=1010 by sanprieto (@sanprieto) on CodePen

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Hey @Sanprieto


By default, GSAP applies an ease: 'power1.out' to the tweens - that is what makes the direction change appear rough.

You might want to consider adding an inOut-ease - sine.inOut feels like the right way to go for me.


See the Pen c4cfb17c90ed6b5baeb9a0b7452afc91 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



Is that better for you?



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It's perfect !!!!

thank you so much.

I have a lot to learn about GSAP is amazing.

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