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A Thank You And a General Question

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I have been using greensock 'products' as a happy customer for ages (starting with early versions for Flash) but I didn't do a lot of front-end stuff the last years for various reasons. Just now I had the time and opportunity to 'come back' and I really enjoyed working wir gsap3 and also was supportet very generously here in the forum. Thank you!
It is easy to see that there are a lot of great knowledgeable and probably likeminded people around here. I was wondering if that community meets somewhere outside this realm. As I understand this forum ist focused on gsap and that is a good thing - mostly.

I would think the opportunity to exchange views on a broader range of related topics with other users of gsap could be a great thing. Maybe what I am looking for doesn't exist at all in  times when most of our kind seems to just hack together pages and stuff from a myriad of frameworks.
I love to build and understand stuff from the ground up (the digging beneath I gladly leave to Jack and his team most of the times).
So if there is a 'place' like that I would be happy to be pointed there. Otherwise I would ask the admins here if there is a possibility of opening some space here, if more than me would appreciate such a thing.

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Hey iDad5. Various chats have sprung up over the years but there's not a consistent place for this sort of thing. I think your best bet might be some front-end focused Reddit or a Discord or Slack of a creative coding meet up depending on what you're looking for. 

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Yeah, it's totally fine if you want to start a discussion here in the forums, but we'll just be very clear about it being out of scope so you may not see "answers" from the admins/moderators. With GSAP-related questions/topics, we feel an obligation to do whatever we can to deliver an answer but we have limited time/resources so we can't spread ourselves too thin by encouraging or participating in extra-curricular discussions, that's all. We spend an inordinate amount of time answering people's questions here for free while also trying to tend to other duties so I hope you don't take it personally if we don't weigh in on other discussions. But again, if you want to post something else for others to chime in on, we can certainly see how that goes. If it gets burdensome or awkward, we'll let you know. 


Sometimes non-GSAP topics can be a fun distraction - we're just trying to set expectations properly :)



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Thank you for your answer and permission. I'll give it a try.

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