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Michael Barsotti

get timeline as a string

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I'm sure this is a very fringe case but is there a way to get a timeline as a string? For example if my javaScript is

var timeline = gsap.timeline();





I would like to use something like


and get



Thank you.

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No, sorry, that isn't possible. Animation objects are far more complex than that and can include function-based values, other objects, and many other things, so it's just impossible to convert it all to a string cleanly. You could certainly build a function that parses a timeline and returns as much as possible as a string, but that definitely isn't built-in (it would cost a LOT of kb that almost nobody would use, so it'd be quite wasteful to include it in the core). 

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That's what I was concluding when i looked inside the timeline and I just gave up LOL. Thanks for responding!


P.S. Don't add this feature, it's stupid.

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27 minutes ago, Michael Barsotti said:

P.S. Don't add this feature, it's stupid.

LOL. No, it's not "stupid" at all. I don't blame you for asking. It could be useful in some cases, no doubt. It's just not practical for us to add to the core, that's all. 

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