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Bring height from top and than remove height but it should animate to bottom

Go to solution Solved by tailbreezy,

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I am trying to recreate a animation but I got stuck, I am trying animate overlays I want it to come from bottom when it increasing his height and it should go to top when decreasing the height of overlay.  Animation I am trying to recreate :  https://dribbble.com/shots/6711379-Xd-and-Protopie-make-a-great-combination

See the Pen OJbbdKj by midnightgamer (@midnightgamer) on CodePen

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21 minutes ago, tailbreezy said:


Sorry but my container is not by default in view i need to use top:0; after using that this same thing is not working.


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2 minutes ago, akapowl said:

Hey @midnightgamer


Since you are tweening on the height, changing your transformOrigin won't do much, because it doesn't work for height.

You could simply just tween on the scaleY instead.


Oh thanks for explanation .



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