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Scroltrigger error

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Hello guys,


I am developing a sit with different transition and barba js, this error often happens after a page transition, but I can't understand in which part of the code as it doesn't give me any reference to my scripts


What could it depend on? 


ScrollTrigger.js?ver=5.6:605 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'splice' of undefined
    at Tween.Se.refresh (ScrollTrigger.js?ver=5.6:605)
    at _callback (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at _renderZeroDurationTween (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at Tween.render (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at Timeline.render (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at ea (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at updateRoot (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)
    at twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at kk (twennmax.js?ver=5.6:10)


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Hey Allen. Unfortunately there's not much we can do to help you here. I recommend commenting out sections of your code until you figure out which section it's in, then continue that process until you've found the specific problematic piece of code.


Based on the error, I think one of the variables that you're passing into a ScrollTrigger is undefined. So look for that situation.

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Also, please make sure that you registered ScrollTrigger before you run any ScrollTrigger-related code:



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