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ScrollTrigger - Reverse Number link issues

Go to solution Solved by akapowl,

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Hello, Hope you guys doing well.

I make layered pinning example but a little different what I have here is content, images, and footer in between these I add up layered pin example with 

navigation links compatibility.

The reason for making this topic is navigation links compatibility when I click the number on "ascending order" the panels work fine everything switch(slides) one by one but if I click "descending order" the panels do not work as expected Like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


For Example, if I'm on panel five then I click 1 number, then it's dragging me to panel ID 2 not on panel ID one.



See the Pen rNWOqPm by elsueno (@elsueno) on CodePen

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Hey @JayShukla


This sounds like the same issue that was discussed in this thread




Hope this helps.



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Hi @akapowl Thanks for your time. I update the codepen, with this demo you suggest, half issues solved but when you go "descending order" it comes half not full panel as you can see the screenshot.

See the Pen rNWOqPm by elsueno (@elsueno) on CodePen



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Hey @JayShukla


Well, that's a plain logic thing.


Since you have a section before your layered panels, that will throw off the calculations. So you would have to include the total height of that section in your calculations (total height meaning the height including the margin that you have set on it).


Here is one way you could do that


See the Pen 801cf62ba028df3f867364a137f42c65 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



Seems to work for me.

Is that better for you?


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Yup, thanks @akapowl it works for me and also for the StackOverflow link. You are right the total space is equal to my top content part height till panel. Thanks for the time and solution.

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