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Anchor tag not working with scroll trigger in my project

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Hello Gsap community...I am a newbie with using gsap....I was working on a project in which I am using scroll trigger to display the website horizontally... The problem is that the anchor tags in my home page are not working... I want the anchor tags to scroll to specific divs(having their own ID)  on click....I am also setting the width of the section divs using percentages as well as pixels..... I have provided a demo for reference...any help will be appreciated



See the Pen bGBEKBQ by light1716 (@light1716) on CodePen

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Hey @Saisarvesh Naik - welcome to the forums.


The tags are not working as you'd expect because you are not natively scrolling horizontally but only faking it when scrolling vertically, thus you'd have to take care of that functionality yourself. There's a demo on the ScrollTrigger demoes page that shows an example of how to do that with the help of GSAP's scrollTo-Plugin


See the Pen bGexQpq by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen




Also, if you search the forums, you will find quite a few threads with a similar topic, which might be helpful for you.





Hope this helps.



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Hi @akapowl  Thank you so much for the reply...Ill check the solution posted by you.

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