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ScrollTrigger - item doesn't keep pinned

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I'd like to reproduce a css sticky behavior. 

Unfortunately as you can see on my codePen, it doesn't keep pinned until the end of my section despite the end attribute.


Does anyone see what I'm missing ?

Thanks a lot

See the Pen bGBEdRZ by michaelgrc (@michaelgrc) on CodePen

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Hey @elegantseagulls,

thanks for your answer. So I added this attribute but it seems to add a new issue on both my codePen (you can see it right above) and my project.

It adds an extra height at the end of my page. When I inspect it, it seems to be the section set inside the trigger attribute. 


Do I miss something ? Thanks a lot

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Hey @Michael31,


You trigger the section trigger: '.pinSection' and you should pin the element pin: '.pinElmt'


See the Pen QWGyQKo by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy pinning ...


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Hey @mikel,

This last tip did the trick ! 


Thanks a lot for your time.

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