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Jaydeep Kaila

On scroll horizontal animation slider

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I have try to make slide image on scroll left to right with change image and change content with fade.
1st and 2nd content fade properly but 3rd and 4th getting wrong.
Please help me if you have any idea to solve this issue.


See the Pen rNWOopE by jaydeepkaila9 (@jaydeepkaila9) on CodePen

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Hey Jaydeep and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


There are a fair many CSS and logical issues with your code that unfortunately we don't really have the capacity to fix for you for free in these forums. 


I highly recommend forgetting about ScrollTrigger while you create your layout and then your animations. Once you've got everything animating the way that you want to, adding ScrollTrigger at that point is easy. I also highly recommend that you read the most common GSAP and ScrollTrigger mistakes as well as my article about animating efficiently. The ScrollTrigger demos section is also a good resource. Once you've carefully gone through all of those, if you have a specific question about GSAP please let us know and we'll do our best to help :) Happy tweening!

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