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Path Animation on scroll

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Trying to invert so the animation give the effect of the ball removing the line as it progresses.


I have been playing with the value of the line under the drawSVG option but this does not appear to have the desired effect, what can I do to achieve the desired effect?




See the Pen abBOzzO by darren-ignition (@darren-ignition) on CodePen

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Hey @D.Cus,


Welcome to the GreenSock Forum.


You could use a fromTo tween


.fromTo(".theLine", {drawSVG: '100%'}, {drawSVG: '100% 100%'}, 0)

//Use either percentages or absolute lengths. 
//If you use a single value, 0 is assumed for the starting value, so "100%" is the same as "0 100%" and "true".
//Use a space-delimited value to define a segment like "40% 60%". 


Happy tweening ...



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