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Can with splitext?

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Hi I have a question.
Can I  with splitext?
Is there an example in the forum or in codepen?


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Hi Mikel. How are you.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Excuse my writing of English, because I am a Spanish speaker

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I put the following in your codepen:

.to ('. word1, .word2', {fontWeight: 600}, '+ = 0.5')
.to ('. word3, .word4', {fontWeight: 600, color: "green"})
.to ('. word5, .word6', {fontWeight: 600}, '+ = 0.5')


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Hello Mikel, thanks for answering.
I refer you to the example in codepen:

See the Pen PobwKQx by WIZARD7771 (@WIZARD7771) on CodePen

where there is an ANIMATED WORD.

What I need is that when clicking the button, groups of "2 words" are animated instead of a single word.

I think it's like it could be that "split text" joins 2 words in a single "div".

Anyway, I am not an expert in gsap, I am just learning, but I need to know if it is possible to animate groups of 2 words using "split text", within a long text.


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There would be a few ways to make it happen. An easy choice would be to loop through your words array and animate two at a time like this.

See the Pen jOVEade by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening.



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Hi Craig. Thank you very much!
Perfect.  😄


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Hey @WIZARD777,


You need another target


for (let i = 0; i < mySplitText.words.length; i += 3) {
    target1 = mySplitText.words[i];
    target2 = mySplitText.words[i + 1] ;
    target3 = mySplitText.words[i + 2] ;
    gsap.from([target1, target2, target3], {
      duration: 0.075,
      scale: 0,
      delay: i * 0.15


If you invest a little in the prep of the html element, you can group the text with different numbers of words / characters - as you wish.
That then saves a few lines of JS.


See the Pen qBqELMX?editors=1010 by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Happy splitting ...



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Hi Mikel.
How are you,
It worked perfectly. It was what I needed. Gsap is the best.
You are very kind. Thank you very much.



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14 minutes ago, WIZARD777 said:

How can I make it so that when the 3 words are divided they are highlighted in a specific color?

The easiest way would probably be to animate the targeted 3 words using a tween. 

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I'm interested in purchasing the GSAP membership, but first I'm testing the codepen forums and samples.
I already understood and tested Craig and Mikel's directions. I am just learning.
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My question is:
in a specific color?
For example highlight with green, as in the attached graphic.
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@WIZARD777 As the forums guidelines cover, we simply cannot create a demo for every request that people put in these forums. Usually we require a minimal demo made using CodePen along with a specific question of what the person is seeking help with. But since you're relatively new here I'm happy to help out with extra aid this time :) 


Some notes:

  1. That pen is using some of the old syntax. We highly recommend the GSAP 3 syntax. Upgrading is easy!
  2. There's not much reason to use jQuery if that's all that you're trying to do. I would use the vanilla JS equivalents.
  3. You can do what I recommended to do by changing out the tween like so:

See the Pen yLVJoLb?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


I highly recommend that you start with the Getting Started and most common GSAP mistakes articles as doing so will save you a bunch of time. Past that, the docs are a fantastic resource for learning.

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