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Random values on each repeat, but same for all elements

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Hi, so I thought I understood how randomizing values works, but turns out again I know nothing!

See my codepen. I want to achieve an effect similar to the left, so all those lines tween the same amount. That, but with random values instead of a hardcoded 'cycle' of tweens.

So what I have on the right was my attempt at randomizing, but (for me) unexpectedly, the random function fires once for EACH queried line instead of generating one random value for all the queried lines for each repeat... Where is the flaw in my logic? And how can I achieve what I'm after?

Thank you in advance for your help, it is much appreciated!

Kindest Regards,


See the Pen yLVBLWY by saiminh (@saiminh) on CodePen

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Hey Schweinedog. Thanks for supporting GreenSock with a Club GreenSock membership!


A few notes:

  • You don't need the new keyword when creating timelines.
  • You might benefit from GSAP 3's defaults functionality.
  • You might benefit from GSAP 3's random functionality (don't have to write your own).

As for your question, since in this case you want a different random value for each repeat but not each target, I'd probably make use of the onRepeat callback along with some variables like so:

See the Pen ExNYazp?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Man that's perfect, explained and solved the issue PLUS added some suggestions on improving my code! This forum always blows my mind. Thanks, that's everything I needed and more. Bless.

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