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Ali Manuel

How to change the slider by click on dots

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Hey Ali. Sorry, but I do not understand your question. Can you please try to rephrase your question?


Also you're still using the old syntax even though we've told you multiple times about how to upgrade. Please update your demo to use the GSAP 3 formatting.

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Hey @ZachSaucier, I mean for example : when I click on dot1 should give me image number 1, and when I click on dot2 should show me image number 2...like that

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Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to build out the functionality for everything that everyone posts in these forums for free. Is there a specific issue that you're running into?


Most likely when an anchor is clicked I'd kill off the looping animation and then create an animation to show the relevant image. There are a bunch of other ways to do it as well. 

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