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Ahmed Khalil

How in the world did he do this?

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Canvas, probably with WebGL. It could have been Three.JS, Babylon or even hand-coded without a library.

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@ZachSaucier Thanks so much, actually my team is looking to dig deeper in this area, essentially what we are building is a `cool new shopping experience` we come from long experience in ecommerce and want to blend that with webGL and GSAP. Is there other areas you recommend us to explore beside Curtain JS? 


Thanks so much


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You can do the same sort of thing with any tools that render WebGL (Pixi, Three, OGL, etc.). I used curtains because it's relatively lightweight for doing some image effects and handles the syncing with other DOM elements for you but keeps you from having to write that yourself.


The main thing that you'll have to spend time learning is how to write fragment and vertex shaders.

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Have a look a codrops.com. There you can find many examples like the one you posted.  It's an extremely helpful website with good code examples and explanations.


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