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Problem with isReversed in a burger animation

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I'm trying to replicate the animation you can see in this codepen in a React environnement (Gatsby), but I'm unable to pass in the condition where isReversed is equal to false and I don't understand why.
Here is my codesandbox where I replicate the problem in a minimal demo : 

So I can't reverse the animation on click.

Thanks for your precious advices,


See the Pen OJRYXdV by deodat (@deodat) on CodePen

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I saw this pen :

See the Pen vYOrQXb by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

it seems a better approach for what I'm trying to achieve, and maybe it's gonna be easier to translate in a React way :) 

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Hey deodat. Unfortunately helping you with the React port of your CodePen is out of scope for these forums. With that being said, if you make a minimal demo of the issue in React (using something like CodeSandbox) often times people will help you out anyway in these forums :) 

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Hey Zach, thanks for the reply. 
To be honest, I was a little lazy on this, hoping someone will spot some foolishness in my code.

But now I'm gonna make this demo on CodeSandbox for my mental health :) 

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  • Solution

Ok, so I've found a solution which is to integrate my timeline in a useState like this :
(but it's not very clear to me why this works... :) )


  const [tlBurger] = useState(
      paused: true,
      reversed: true,
      defaults: {
        duration: 0.5,
        ease: 'Back.inOut.config(2.3)',

  const burgerRef = useRef();
  const waveTopRef = useRef();
  const waveMidRef = useRef();
  const waveBotRef = useRef();
  const flatTopRef = useRef();
  const flatMidRef = useRef();
  const flatBotRef = useRef();

  useEffect(() => {
      .to(waveTopRef.current, { morphSVG: flatTopRef.current }, '<')
      .to(waveMidRef.current, { morphSVG: flatMidRef.current }, '<')
      .to(waveBotRef.current, { morphSVG: flatBotRef.current }, '<')
      .to(waveMidRef.current, {
        duration: 0.3,
        scaleX: 0,
        transformOrigin: 'right center',
        ease: 'none',
      .to(waveTopRef.current, { y: 10 }, '-=0.1')
      .to(waveBotRef.current, { y: -10 }, '<')
      .to(waveTopRef.current, {
        rotation: 45,
        transformOrigin: 'center center',
        { rotation: -45, transformOrigin: 'center center' },
  }, [


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I'm glad you got it figured out.


Note that ease: 'Back.inOut.config(2.3)' is invalid. It should be something like ease: 'back.inOut(2.3)'.

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