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Looking for assistance with a project

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Hi I am new to GSAP (not great at JavaScript to begin with)

Client wants to mimic the scrolling effect (fade-in/fadeout) of sections/pages on https://meiomi.com/.

No eCommerce, etc. I am using Oxygen Builder for layout. I have been struggling with getting GSAP and barba.js to work correctly.

I am looking for a mentor to look at what I am doing and show me what I am doing wrong. I have a few hundred dollars I am willing to split off of what I quoted.

The site is to go live Feb 12. 

Thank you,

This is as far as I have gotten:

See the Pen LYRobjx by RNDL (@RNDL) on CodePen

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I think it would be better if you use fullPage.js for this. It will toggle "is-active" whenever you're in the current section.

With that "is-active" class, you can simply animate the content with CSS.

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