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Initial vs. Polite Load File Weight

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Hi all,


I've been asked to report the file weight of a banner's initial load and polite load separately. Does anyone know a method that can measure this?



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Do you base a banner's initial load based on the DOMContentLoaded event or user interaction? Perhaps I can help you further.


Note that the IAB has renamed "polite" to "host-initiated subload", as it was not clearly defined. The host-initiated subload is now defined as all assets that load 1 second after the DOMContentLoadedEventEnd event of a page. See here:




There are tools available that can calculate these loads automatically, just by uploading the creative Zip file. Any chance you can attach your ad tag or Zip file to this post?

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Hi again,


See attachment. Is this what you meant to measure the polite load of a HTML5 Zip creative? It sums up the bytes of all requests loaded 1 second after the DOMContentLoaded event.


Edit: you can now use APIs to automate and scale the ad validation process:




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^ That is fantastic @gerbrandpetersen. Just pinged them to ask about pricing. That'd be a great alternative for Google Ad Validator as well, which is being deprecated soon.

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