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Alex Lopez

Drawsvg Plugin

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Hello everyone!!

I want to use gsap drawsvg plugin in my Angular project. I have followed the instruction to install it, which is to download the gsap-public folder, but I have not found the npm-install-this directory inside in order to install the ./gsap-bonus.tgz via npm. Am I doing something wrong??


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Hey Alex and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


When you download the "GSAP 3 with CustomEase" ZIP file from your account dashboard, you should be able to see an npm-install-this directory with a .tgz file inside of it. That should have the free GSAP files as well as CustomEase included. I was able to sign into your account to double-check that this is the case. 


As Scott said, to access the other plugins like DrawSVG you'll need a Club GreenSock account that has access to the plugins that you want :) Usually people find that a Club membership pays for itself in a matter of days! But if you're unhappy we have a money-back guarantee :) Happy tweening!

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Thank you!! I like CustomEase a lot. Also I think I will join Club Greensock.

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