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Agency looking for freelancer to create parallaxing animations

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We are looking for some assistance on an internal site rebrand, with a tight deadline and innovative scroll-triggered animations.


Essentially, we would like to work with someone to handle the animation portion of the site which would involve full-screen sections of the site that would animate in when the user scrolls. These animations would be triggered by classes that I can set to sections to indicate whether they are an animated section and then to elements in that section to determine the animation and some parameters.


I'm not 100% sure if this is a job for Greensock, or if that would be overkill, but there are some aspects of the animation and transitions we want that are unconventional. We also are looking to have a page-to-page transition which would be a wipe from the content on one page to that of the other. Something like Barba.js may be useful in this regard.


I can't post publicly our designs, but please respond here and I can email you the spec docs for the animations, designs, and motion demonstrations.


Budget is 2-3k, with flexibility. Deadline is Jan 26, need to start right away.

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I'm also interested in helping on this. Just sent you a message w/ my contact info. 





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Hi there,


I've completed a project with GSAP + Barba.js before. Here it is: https://hyphenco.com

Here's another project I did that has many scroll-based animations https://www.overlapassociates.com


I can do unconventional animations based on your needs.

Please email me about the details to balapa95@gmai.com


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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