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GSAP stuttering when using stagger

Go to solution Solved by andelko21,

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So it's more visible in Desktop than in mobile but elements are stuttering when using stagger. I have uploaded a portion in codepen and you can see it on the website I used GSAP as well: https://shoaibahmed.dev

If you look at the buttons ('Check on Github' and 'Live Preview') in that website, you will see that they are stuttering just before they reach their position. 

Is it something I am doing wrong?

See the Pen WNGKPag by PixeledCode (@PixeledCode) on CodePen

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Posted (edited)

You are using transition all in your css *

Edited by andelko21
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13 minutes ago, andelko21 said:

I posted on wrong post... :))

no, your answer was correct. I checked on codepen by removing transition and it worked.

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Glad to help, I thought u wanted to achieved some another effect. 😁

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