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Image animation like zenefits

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Hello Everyone,


Can anyone help me how to make animation of image which move on page scroll like below URL



If you check when page load there is image on right which move on different location when page is scroll.

If any reference or help is there to learn this kind of animation it will be big help.




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Hello a.joshi84,


Welcome to the forums!


What you are asking is no small feat. It's not particularly difficult but it does require a good deal of planning and orquestration. The way that animation was created is a series of several different smaller animations all being played one after the other as the page is scolled. The only hard thing is making sure your animation is setup correctly so that all the different elements land exactly where they are supposed else the illusion is broken (In the case of the link you sent, there's a point in the animation where the lady's avatar does not quite land where it needs to and jumps from one place to another).


My suggestion to you is to create two or three separate animations as a test in isolation. Then, copy them over to another test where you orchestrate them together with ScrollTrigger.



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