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Clean up "old animation" on window resize? (React)

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Hi guys, 


How would you proceed if you wished to clean up old animations following a window resize? 


I have a global state (redux) within my app that updates after window resizing. I have tried to connect my components that use gsap animations  to this global state width and useEffect().

It seems to be working fine meaning that the animations are restarting when I resize however the old animations are still running so it gets messy.


How would you guys handle this?


Thank you!

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In the same useEffect() hook that you're using to create the new animations, before doing that, kill all the animations that will be created again. For this I would recommend a factory function that will kill and then re-create all the animations that will be affected by the resize event.


With that in mind is always a good idea to store your animations in a ref using the useRef() hook in order to make it simple to access to them and create them again. This also ensures that the animations are not affected by re-renders that are caused by other reasons.


Something like this:

const isResized = useSelector(state => state.isResized);
const myTween = useRef(null);

useEffect(() => {
  // Kill tween first
  // Create the tween again
}, [isResized]);

const createMyTween = () => {
  myTween.current = gsap.to(/* GSAP config here */);

Happy Tweening!!!

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This is great @Rodrigo


Thank you very much for the detailed answer and exemple 🙏



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