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My page width increases when pinning the section using SCROLLTRIGGER

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I don't know if this is a bug or there's a lacking on my understanding how SCROLLTRIGGER pinning works. Cause apparently, I'm having this annoying issue of page width increment (to 100%) when pinning the section.

So basically, the problem is the second I set the width to 100vw. So, whenever I reach the SCROLLTRIGGER start, and it pins, it just expands the whole section to the rest of the horizontal space of the window (there is somehow additional widths, even though I never set anything exceeding 100vh 🙄).


Please, help me and every other people who are facing the same issue using this amazing library 

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Hey @DevHridoy welcome to the forums.


It would really help us and other people stumbling upon this, if you could make a minimal demo of what you are experiencing.


It could be a whole lot that is triggering your issue; from HTML to CSS over to it actually being related to ScrollTrigger.

Without really seeing what you mean, anything that could be told would be a total shot in the dark, so please create a minimal demo.


Cheers. Paul

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  • 7 months later...

I just had the same issue with my project.  Turns out I had an element that I transformed to the right and it was pushing the rest of my page out to the right, but not the pinned area.

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