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Horizontal infinite slider image of different width

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As you can see above the way I have implemented is, each element should be wrapped into a different wrap(). Meaning, the element that is the most on the right needs to travel more towards the left in order to complete the window. 

FOr some reason this is not working and each element are travelling the same width...

I am really confused on how I could do that. Also it seems to be very ineffective. Couldnt find anything on the forum that is similar.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Solution

I answered a very similar question yesterday. 


Modifying what I said there to fit your use case:


it's probably easiest to position each [image] at the same position at the start. Then offset each's start position by the amount it needs to be offset. Then you should create an animation for each [image] that animates that section horizontally for the distance of all of your [image] widths. Then you use GSAP's modifiers to wrap the horizontal position. 


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