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Return a value

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Hi is there a way of returning an animated value from the onUpdate function? I wanted to use the value in a paper.js script . Im using Alpine.js
something like:

var object = {value : 0}
function result(){gsap.to(object,{value:20,duration:5,onUpdate(){  return object.value.toFixed(0) }})}

var animated number = result(object) // <-- counts to 20 over 5 seconds?


See the Pen 0d684b0f19dd8301c565f704ebd7b8cc by limitedunlimited (@limitedunlimited) on CodePen

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There's no way to return a value from an onUpdate, no. What would it be returning to? It doesn't make much sense.


With that being said, the onUpdate is a regular function so you can set whatever values of variables that you want inside of that function. Maybe you're wanting something like this?

text.content = object.value.toFixed(0);


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i don't know anything about paper or alpine but you can have your onUpdate function apply object.value to the text.content


your private pen wasn't forkable so paste this code


function data() {
  var object = { value: 0 };
  return {
    init($refs) {
      this.$nextTick(() => {
        function words(object) {
          gsap.to(object, {
            value: 20,
            duration: 5,
        var path = new paper.Path();
        var text = new paper.PointText(new paper.Point(30, 30));
        text.fillColor = "black";
        text.fontFamily = "Six Caps";
        text.fontSize = 200;
        text.position = paper.view.center;
        text.selected = true;
        path.add(new paper.Point(30, 75));
        path.add(new paper.Point(30, 25));
        path.add(new paper.Point(80, 25));
        path.add(new paper.Point(80, 75));
        path.closed = true;
        path.fullySelected = true;
        var copy = path.clone();
        copy.fullySelected = true;
        copy.position.x += 100;
        path.strokeColor = "black";
        var circle = new paper.Path.Circle({
          center: paper.view.center,
          radius: 30,
          strokeColor: "black"
        function changeNumber() {
          text.content = object.value;
        paper.view.onResize = function (event) {
          // Whenever the view is resized, move the path to its center:
          text.position = paper.view.center;
          path.position = paper.view.center;
          circle.position = paper.view.center;

I'm using the Snap plugin to handle the rounding

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