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Tobias H

Timeline.reverse leaves lines on page

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Hi, I am quite new to gsap.

One problem I have, is that when I reverse the timeline, or just make an animation, that scales something down. It leaves the outline on the element, multible times along the path in took. This makes the animation cumpletly useless, since it looks like crap. Im sure this is a bug, and can be fixed, but how?


I've linked the file below.


Thanks in advance :)




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Hey @Tobias H Welcome to the forums.


This might be related to browser rendering - adding will-change in your css could help.


Here is a probably related thread. Let us know, if it helps solve your issues.



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Thanks, it doesn't show any lines anymore, after adding will-change to the css.

(in my case 'will-change: transform')

Thanks :)

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