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Help! I'm new to HTML 5 banners and I have an issue I can't sort out myself

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Hi everyone, 


I'm new to making HTML 5 banners and I have an issue I can't resolve myself. I made a banner in Adobe Animate CC and I published it. After it seemed to loop for one time then I got a broken image with a text on it that said "Adobe Animate CC" I've added a screenshot of it, I've also added my adhelper template that I use. Can somebody help me out?

Screenshot 2020-12-11 142913.png


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Hard to tell without more specifics. The adhelper template isn't likely to be causing your problem unless it's been filled in wrong. Do you see any errors in your browser's console window? Is there a script in your Animate file that's trying to load something?  My guess is that there's a broken file path somewhere.

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We won't be able to accurately help you without seeing an example or have those files to see what's going on. Whatever is happening is likely causing the AdHelper "onSlow" event to trigger, and in return, triggering your fallback, which you have specified as showing a backup image with the alt text "Adobe Animate CC".

My guess (without seeing the files), is that you're incorrectly looping somehow, and causing some sort of error which is being constantly looped through (and subsequently causing slowdown triggering the AdHelper event).

FYI, frame numbers within Animate CC start at 0 and not 1. So if you're specifying to go back to the first frame, use 0 instead (or use 1 if you really want to loop back to the 2nd frame). But be careful you're not looping back to a frame that has a bunch of code in it – and executing all of that code again.

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