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killTweensOf + fromTo issue

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Hi all,


I've got an issue with using a killTweensOf following by a fromTo method.

Here is a codepen for explaining the issue 

The expected behavior here would be that the blue square fades from 0 to 1 each times I hover it.

If I hover the blue square multiple times very quickly the animations plays as expected but at the end of the animation the opacity reverts to 0.

If I don't use killTweensOfthe issue doesn't occure. 



See the Pen eYddYzQ by manuelodelain-the-lessful (@manuelodelain-the-lessful) on CodePen

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Hey Manu. You're making one of the most common GSAP mistakes. What you should instead do in situations like this is create the animation beforehand and use control methods to manipulate it inside of your event listeners.

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