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Angular/Typescript > Jagged animation on basic tweening

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Hi 🖐


I know my problem is due to Angular or TS but I can't figure out why my simple animation is not smooth.

At the start it looks ok but in the last frames, it's almost step by step


If someone has an idea.. 🙏




The code is pretty simple though



See the Pen abmmzpm by _bams (@_bams) on CodePen

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Hey Bams. This looks like it's simply due to the fact that you're asking the elements to move a short distance over a long period of time. You can't animate things less than a pixel at a time. So if those last 3 or 4 pixels take a second or two to animate over, you're naturally going to perceive a jump.


To fix it make the duration shorter. Or use a different ease that doesn't have as much out-ness to it.

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50 minutes ago, ZachSaucier said:

you can't animate things less than a pixel at a time.

That's true for some properties, but if you're animating transforms like "x" and "y", most browsers do sub-pixel rendering. If you try to animate "top" and "left", though, I think browsers only render those at whole pixel values which will lead to those jerky animations like Zach pointed out. 


Since you do appear to be animating transforms, I'm a bit confused about why you're seeing that behavior. I'm pretty confident it's unrelated to GSAP, but it's tough to troubleshoot blind. The demo you provided doesn't function at all - can you provide a minimal demo that shows the issue please? Feel free to use codesandbox or something. 


One trick I've seen work with forcing browsers to render things more smoothly is to add a slight rotation. It's like that refuses to let the browser run its "optimized snap-to-whole-pixels" rendering routines. Another thing to try is set force3D: false or force3D: true.  

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