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I have a sprite with a graphic in it that I want to grow in size from the top right hand corner point instead of the top left hand corner.

I tried using thee transformAroundPoint function but it doesn't seem to work the way I'm talking about.


Here is what I have setup now.

transformPoint = new Point(this.x+ imageW, this.y);
TweenMax.to(frame, 3, {transformAroundPoint:{point:transformPoint}, width:bmt.width, height:bmt.height, ease:Expo.easeOut});

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You forgot to put the width/height properties inside the transformAroundPoint object. It should be:


TweenMax.to(frame, 3, {transformAroundPoint:{point:transformPoint, width:bmt.width, height:bmt.height}, ease:Expo.easeOut});


And don't forget to activate the TransformAroundPointPlugin first too :)

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I already tried that and it does the same as its outside the transform.

Any other ideas on this?

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I just tested it and it worked perfectly. You are a Club GreenSock member, right? And you activated the plugin? If you're still having trouble, please post a sample FLA that clearly demonstrates the problem (the simpler the better).

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